Healthcare Advisory

Delivering Value to Primary Care Practices 

Practice Advisory Services

Revenue Enhancement 

We conduct a deep analysis of your practice’s or group’s contracts, patient mix, billing tendencies, and collections and recommend various strategies to improve bottom line results. 

Additionally we provide opportunities for practices to grow their panels of patients. 

Payer Consulting 

We examine existing payer contracts and compare them against other opportunities in the market to optimize what practices earn from their contracted payers. 

Practice Transitions 

We represent practices who wish to monetize the business they have built and advise them throughout the journey. Our services go way beyond the basics and include deep dives into valuations, negotiations, buyer selection, and due diligence. Additionally, we can provide advisors for enhanced services such as estate planning and taxation. 

Physician and Contracting Groups

Edmund Michaels also serves as a bridge between various providers and contracting groups and practices including, ACOs, IPAs, and MSOs. Practices can typically partner with these organizations and drive additional bottom line results for the practice owners. 

Additionally we can provide solutions for these groups to group their populations. 

ACOs and ACO Reach

Solutions for Traditional Medicare Panels


Solutions for Contracting with Prayers 


Practice solutions for administrative services 

Practice Transitions Advisory Services

Structure & Valuations 

We start by determining the owner’s objectives and then recommend the best structure that meets those objectives. We then perform an in-depth valuation of the practice to give the owners and indicator of what their final value may end up being. 

Buyer Options & Negotiations 

We find suitable buyers that meet the owner’s objectives and bring them to the table. We continue to represent the owner’s to make sure that they receive as much as possible for their practice. 

Due Diligence & Representation

In-depth research into the fiscal, operational and legal aspects of your practice to validate its financial results, assets, and liabilities. We advise the owner through closing where we often bring additional value.