We Make Practices More Valuable

If you own a primary care practice, we can help you make more.

Our Why

We believe the health and well being of our nation is dependent upon how well our primary care physicians perform, and the more we can improve their quality of life and let them focus on taking care of their patients, the better the health outcomes will be for you, me, and our communities. 

Unique Experiences

We don’t only know the key parties that impact the financial results of a practice, but we have worked with them. Our experience includes working alongside Health Plans for contracting with providers and distribution of policies, working with Medicare to improve population health, and working in finance and mergers and acquisitions

Create Unique Opportunities

Our diverse experiences allow us to see opportunities that others do not see. We utilize these opportunities to create win / win solutions. 

We are seeing that prominently now with the current wave of primary care transitions that is rapidly occurring in Texas and other areas across the country. 

Our experience has allowed us to participate in transactions where not only do the buyers and sellers win, but most importantly patients win. Patients end up with physicians who have more time for them and have a renewed focus on their overall health outcomes. 

How We Work

Edmund Michaels is a company of physician advocates. Period. We insist on “Putting Providers First.” We think of it as “Being on the right side.” 

This means that regardless if we are introduced by the physician owner, a health plan, a provider group, of a financial buyer, we will help practices and primary care physicians to improve their results and take advantage of opportunities available to them. 

While some people think of this may be counterintuitive, we think it is our “Special Sauce” that creates the Win / Win deals. 



A lot of our success is driven by one thing, the quality of our relationships. We have fostered relationships with numerous key independent primary care physicians and remain actively engaged with them as opportunities present themselves. These physician partners keep us grounded in approaching every opportunity in a manner that is fundamentally in the best interest of the physician. 

Who We Help:

Practice Owners

We help owners of primary care practices monetize what they have built while leaving the practice setup to flourish going forward.


Buyers / Investors

We help buyers who seek to acquire primary care practices do so in a manner that sets them up for the best chance of success in the future.

Strategic Partners

We help IPAs, MSOs, ACOs and other strategic partners to find solutions that allow them to not only survive but to flourish through this turbulent time.

Learn How We Can Help

Our team is excited to connect with you and help you through the transition process. Don’t wait join the winning team at Edmund Michaels.

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